Местоположение: Алханай, Агинский Бурятский автономный округ, РоÑÑиÑ


 Телефон.: 5593369897


 Информация пользователя: The term "natural and organic agriculture"suggests a approach to cultivation and breeding that enables only using purely natural substances, that may be existing in nature, excluding the usage of chemical additives (fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides), which can be unsafe to our human body and our health. This production product, which follows particular training standards create with the EU, avoids the extreme exploitation of pure means, in particular the soil, h2o and air, utilizing instead these resources in just a model of growth which will final after a while. This, intervening with proper cultivation methods, which include, such as, crop rotation: by not cultivating the same plant consecutively on the identical soil, to the just one hand it hinders the location of parasites,

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